Paid Search

Paid Search is the bread and butter of many company’s new customer acquisition marketing strategy. It’s also known as PPC, SEM, and Pay-Per-Click Marketing. 

If you’re looking to consistently acquire new customers or looking to improve the efficiency of your current marketing campaigns, Contact Pro can help. 

We are expert PPC marketers with over 26 years of combined experience managing millions of dollars in PPC campaigns in the Chicago area and across the country. 

  • Utilize us to Maximize your Return on Investment
  • Rely on Experts that can Produce Results Quickly and Efficiently
  • Grow your business at the pace you want by establishing your baseline of new inquiries you need to grow your sales
  • Feel confident that you’re working with a team of Pro’s by seeing and getting real results fast
  • Our campaign philosophy is lean and mean 
  • Work with a local company that provides in person accountability for your business

Paid Search has proven to work for many businesses across many industries.

When you’re focusing your advertising dollars on people that are searching for exactly what you do, you’re targeting the low hanging fruit in your marketing, and for many businesses where return on investment and getting new customers is a primary focus–That’s the sweet spot!