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Dear Business Owner,

Do you ever feel like all this marketing stuff just isn’t adding up? Do you wonder how some companies seem to keep growing and growing? And are you sick and tired of “advertising sales reps” that don’t know a damn thing about your business and have probably only been in sales for 6 months confusing and frustrating you with new things you absolutely “HAVE to do now” in order to keep up with all the technology and internet’s constant changes?

Below You’ll Find:

How The Marketing Landscape has Changed

Why the Internet Has Broken the Old Marketing Business Model

What the Future of Marketing is Shifting Towards

How Our Business Model Aligns with These Forces

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How The Marketing Landscape has Changed

Over the past 100 years the marketing industry has been dominated by large billion dollar corporate conglomerates. It started with the newspapers, then moved to radio and most recently the phone book companies. Their business model was to build massive sales teams and sell one form of media to thousands upon thousands of businesses across the entire country.

Technology and the Internet Era Has Broken that Model for 2 Reasons:

1. Due to the fragmentation within the internet space, large companies are overwhelmed by the number of different strategies and channels available.

2. The speed that technology evolves is too operationally and economically inefficient for large scale organizations to manage the change profitably.

Those same companies are now struggling to stay afloat while still doing everything they can to milk yesterday’s cow and they’re no longer positioned to service businesses, like yours, at the level necessary that it takes to compete and win at the game of business.

It is our belief that the future of marketing is shifting towards nimble marketing companies that are entrepreneurial and performance driven.

That is our business model.

Due to the democritization of technology–meaning anybody can access the best technology platforms in the world and with recent breakthroughs like marketing automation, real time bidding and automated dynamic phone source replacement an entire world of opportunity has opened up to drive maximum results in short order; however it requires business owners to trust in consultants that understand their customers as well as their profit centers in order to leverage it.

You’re looking for results and a high level of expertise so that you know how to make the best investments in your marketing. When you begin to notice how transparently you can gain new customers and market share–it will be much simpler for you to scale your investments in the growth of your business.

That is our business model.

We grow as you are growing.

Your Contact Pro Team